Thursday, January 30, 2020

Globalism and increased Essay Example for Free

Globalism and increased Essay With the current trends that prevails within societies, globalism and increased connectedness has brought about considerable advantages for people to move and transfer from one destination and culture to another. The patterns then of ethnoscapes transcend to create better means for analyzing the role of individuals in the socialization process. Seeing this, such dynamics then becomes crucial as it shapes the dynamics of the social realm by tapping into social networks, connections, and brings about a new definition and meaning on how people perceive reality and the physical boundaries that bind people together. Applying the principle of ‘ethnoscape’ in my artwork, it can be argued that it seeks to complement the themes provided by the term. In particular, the two females in the picture demonstrate the connections and scope of how the process can be applied in the way people view the world today and its associated realities (Nowakoski, p. 1). The two females then justify the existing perspectives of how one can now transcend over common boundaries and become vital instruments in the development of an ‘ethnoscape’. To better understand this transition, it is first important to look at the woman in the background and determine her relevance of how the term ‘ethnoscape’ is applied. Here, it can be argued that the symbolism of the woman facing backwards and in fetal position exemplifies the relative constraint felt by people to move. There are specific boundaries that bind the woman to exhibit herself and become a vibrant individual in her own right. This analogy can then be related to the trends of the past, where common ideas of nation and government are dictated by the sovereignty and geographical proximities and boundaries of a given land. Here, the meaning of location and place denotes not where the people are but rather the particular standards and norms that derive the place as is (Nowakoski, p. 1). These constraints in meaning then emanate in the woman as she herself feels enclosed with what she has. In addition, she has a fixed boundary that is mandated by the location she is in. On the other hand, the foreground picture of the naked woman demonstrates the liberation from the traditional meanings of place and territory. Here, she portrays the idea of today’s ethnoscape where one is liberal and free to choose wherever she wished to go. In a way, this creates appropriate features as it allows the formulation of what she really wants. These in turn are not limited to the idea that she can only create networks via the use and application of place but rather transcend over territories and debunking the meaning and control that place-based networks have over individuals (Nowakoski, p. 1). Overall, the artwork is a depiction of a woman’s transcendence from the common boundaries dictated by location to a more connected and opens means to create networks and affiliations. Here, the idea of ‘ethnoscape’ becomes applied as it showcases the ability of the woman to recognize her abilities and not limiting her roots to mainly the geographical and land boundaries that bind people together. Work Cited Nowakoski, Pete. Transnationalism and Globalism. 1996 accessed 9 August 2010 from, http://english. emory. edu/Bahri/transnationalism. html

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